EXPAIN Change Arm


The Solution to Forearm Pain is here! EXPAIN Change Arm help you remove the cause of your pain in a safe and intuitive manner. EXPAIN Change Arm warn you, with a gentle vibration, when you are using your muscles in a way that may cause pain.



The Expain Experts

“The Extensor digitorum communis muscle is the muscle most commonly related to pain in the arms from computer work. The muscle is located on top of the underarm where the Expain Change Arm is placed. The muscle is used for lifting the hand, the index finger and the pointer finger. When using a computer one often use this muscle constantly, even though it is not needed.”

“Expain Change Neck & Shoulders make the user aware of unconscious muscle activity in the under arm with biofeedback.”

“Expain Change are two revolutionary enlightenment products to prevent neck, shoulder and elbow ailments in both sedentary and static stressful postures. By feedback of muscle work, this is an obvious product for my patients to reduce overloading and further pain.


Everyone using a computer are using their arms and hands for something else than the nature intended. Typing on the keyboard and controlling the computer mouse can be straining on the small muscles in the underarm, and many people suffer from muscle pain. The EXPAIN Change Arm is a wearable device that enables the user to remove the cause of their pain. The device attaches to the underarm with an elastic strap. It measure and analyze your muscle activity and vibrates when it detects a muscle activity pattern that might lead to pain. The vibration is a signal to take a micro-break or change your arm position. When you a micro-break, the muscle relaxes and can recover from static or long-term activity. After a while you will change your habit and regularly start to take more micro-breaks. This will remove the cause of the pain, and the pain will be reduced and eventually go away. The device can also be used as a tool in making your workstation more ergonomic and detecting what activities during the day that cause your pain. The device is for everyone with muscle-related pain in the underarm. Use the device stand alone, or connect it to your smartphone for getting the most out of the EXPAIN Change Arm.

Research and Development

Research conducted by the Norwegian Occupation Health Institute (STAMI, Hanvold 2012) show a correlation between sustained muscle activity in the neck and pain in the neck. The Expain team has strong indications that the same correlations are present for pain in the under arm. The EXPAIN Change Arm tell you when you are having sustained muscle activity in the under arm. By making you aware of the cause of your pain, you are able to change your habits and then remove the cause of you pain. Seeing signals from the body that you normally do not feel is called Biofeedback, and research show that Biofeedback is the best tool for habit change when it comes to muscle activity (Ma 2011, Frank 2010). The measuring technology that analyses and sends muscle data to the smartphone is developed in cooperation with one of the leading research organisations in the nordics (SINTEF). The previous version of the electronics was also used in a large EU-research project by SINTEF. Studies done by the Expain team show that the sustained muscle activity is reduced by 61 % when using the Expain Change Neck & Shoulders for 5 days every other day. During the same period the subjects reported of 21 % less muscle pain. 2 months after the period the subjects still reported of 26 % less pain than before the study. Patent Pending This kind of product has never been in stores before now. Be a first mover and take care of your own health with the help of this quantified self biosensor.


Paino0.25 kg
Mitat13.6 × 5.2 × 12 cm

USB micro

Battery Duration

approx. 25 hours

Charging Time

1 hour


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