EXPAIN Activate Knee


  • Passive and active heat of knee
  • Electrical impulses (TENS), 50 intensities, 25 programs
  • USB rechargeable
  • Controllable with the Expain App

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The Expain Experts
“Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation (TENS) is the recommended treatment for muscle pain in the physiotherapist handbook. TENS both increase the production of endorphines and inhibit pain signals by giving a larger stimuli to the nerves.”

“Heat is a well known treatment for soothing muscle and joint pain. Heat both inhibits pain by bombarding the nerve sensors with signals, and heat increase blood circulation, which transport impurities away from pain areas .”

“TENS is electrical stimulation of the muscles and nerves that activate the muscles, increases blood flow, increases the production of endorphins and overwhelms nerve signals that report of pain to the brain. TENS is thereby inhibiting pain.”

Suitable for everyone
Knee pain have numerous causes, from overuse to sports-injury. The EXPAIN Activate Knee offer support, passive and active heat and TENS to activate bad knee joints, whatever the cause. The fabric in the knee support is elastic and comes in a size medium, which means it fits most knees, but not to XXL. Recommended for people with knee artrosis or other knee pain that inhibits movement.

EXPAIN Activate Knee is a supportive and ergonomically designed knee strap with intuitive zipper mounting and tightening with elastic bands for the best possible support and comfort. Wearing the knee strap all day provides support and passive heating. For more powerful relief, attach the TENS and heat unit with the magnets and turn on. Control the heat and TENS intensity with the buttons on the device or via smartphone to get the most out of your EXPAIN Activate Knee. The Expain app is available on Google Play and App Store. The light on the standby button indicate power, bluetooth and battery status. The light on the heat symbol indicate heat level, TENS intensity and TENS program. Place TENS gel pads on the black electrodes for a more comfortable TENS treatment (bought separately).

Innovative Solutions
The fabric is elastic to fit most knees, and can be tightened further with the wide elastic bands. The zipper enable you to mount the knee support without remoing your shoes, and the zipper is choosen instead of velcro to avoid damaging clothes. The 4 magnetic buttons attaching the TENS and control unit to the knee support also connects the electrical signals of the TENS and heat areas. Controling the device with bluetooth enable you to see what settings you have, in the same interface as you can see how much you have used EXPAIN Activate Knee. The usage history is useful when correlated with the pain diary in the Expain App, so that you can see the actual effect of the usage.

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