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About Expain

EXPAIN is a Norwegian company that creates technology-based products to fight pain and discomfort. Our products have been designed in Norway, and our flagship-products, the EXPAIN Change Neck & Shoulders and EXPAIN Change Arm, are even produced in Røros, Norway. Norwegian design, development and production has ensured top quality and functionality. Our product range has been developed together with some of the best industrial designers, therapists and researchers in Norway. We have created unique products that solve specific problems. One of our products may be the start of your new and pain free life.

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The EXPAIN Change range of products consists of two revoloutionary, habit-changing, Biofeedback products. They are created to enable sustained habit changes, removing the unhealthy habits that causes your muscle pain. When using a Change device, you are alerted by a gentle vibration when the device detects a unhealthy muscle activity pattern. This will remind you to take a break, do some stretching or excersizes to relieve tension in the muscles and get the blood flowing. Reasearch conducted by Norwegian Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI) show a correlation between sustained muscle activity and pain. Download the EXPAIN App (Apple or Android) to see live muscle activity, transfer use history and see when the vibration alerts occured. The App also has a built-in pain log function for comparison of pain and device usage.

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EXPAIN Expert Panel

EXPAIN has cooperated with leading experts on pain, therapeutics, research and technology. The experts has contributed to developing our products, ensure high quality products and raised the level of insight among team EXPAIN. Members of the expert panel range from Professors of Innovation, physiotherapists, pain researcher to a manual therapist. The electronics in the Change devices was developed together with SINTEF (a leading Norwegian science and research organization), and is based on research conducted by STAMI (Norwegian Institute of Occupational Health) and others.

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EXPAIN Relax is a series of newly designed and innovative massage products for maximum relaxation and comfort for sore and tired muscles. All products in the EXPAIN Relax series is designed with the user in mind for the best user experience. Features like patent pending massage heads, heat, vibration and TENS technology makes series of products suitable for most people and needs.

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EXPAIN Activate

EXPAIN Activate is our range of support, heat and TENS stimulation products. EXPAIN Back Up reduces and relives pain in the lower back region. The technology in the Activate products is recommended as a treatment in the physiotherapy handbook. EXPAIN Activate Knee was created to fight pain in the knees. Use as a knee strap during activity, for aided warmup or as a pain reliever after activity. The knee support has built in heating and electrical stimulation and fits right and left knee. Control with the buttons or through your smartphone in the EXPAIN App for maximum control and storage of your use data. The App also has a built-in pain log function for comparison of pain and device usage.

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