EXPAIN Relax Neck & Shoulders


EXPAIN Relax Neck & Shoulders is a small but effective massage device that give deep muscle massage for both neck and shoulders.

  • Massage and heat
  • Flexible joint
  • Rechargeable battery

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The Expain Experts
“Daily massage in combination with physiotherapy, exercise and a change that removes the cause is the best way to get rid of muscle pain in neck and shoulders. The massage help relax and loosen the painful muscles so that the muscles can be responsive to other treatments

“Recent metastudies show that most of the tension type headaches are related to tight neck and shoulder muscles. Further the studies conclude that the number of tension type headaches are reduced with regular massage, but the reduction in immediate headache intensity was not statistically significant.”

“There is a reason why top athletes get massage everyday. Massage help the body get rid of impurities in a faster way, so that the restitution process is faster.”

“Heat is a well known treatment for soothing muscle pain. Heat both inhibits pain by bombarding the nerve sensors with signals, and heat increase blood circulation, which transport impurities away from pain areas .”

Suitable for Everyone
Enjoy a great neck and shoulder massage after a hard work day. Recommended for people with muscle related neck and shoulder pain and for people with tension type headache, but Relax Neck & Shoulders feels good for everyone. Many people also use the Relax Neck & Shoulders on tighs, back, legs and arms when removing the handles.

Expain Relax Neck & Shoulders is very easy to use and it takes only a few seconds to learn how to use it. Turn on by holding the power button for 3 seconds. With a short push of the same button you can change from soft to hard massage by changing the direction of the massage heads. The light is purple when soft massage and blue when hard massage and red when charging is needed. Charging is done with micro USB. Expain Relax Neck & Shoulders is placed on the neck or shoulders, and the underarms are put into the straps to hold the neck massager in place and adjust the force of the massage. The neck massager can also be placed on the backrest of a chair or sofa while not holding the handles, so that your arms are free to read a book or handle the phone or tablet.

Innovation Meets Design
The heated massageheads has two angles of attack which gives hard massage or soft massage depending on this angle and the rotation direction of the massage heads. The nordic furniture design let you keep EXPAIN Relax Neck in the livingroom so that you are reminded to take a massage often. Removeable handles and joint enables use on neck, shoulders, tighs and arms.

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0,8 kg


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