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  • EXPAIN Change Arm

    • Monitors and alerts muscle overload
    • Prevents the cause of mouse arm pain
    • Teaches you good ergonomics
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  • Replacement adhesive patches for Change Neck & Shoulders

    • 3 pcs replacement patches for Change Neck
    • Last 10 days of 8-10 hours use each day
    • Rinse gently in fresh, warm water
    • 3 pices of patches are included in Expain Change Neck
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  • EXPAIN Relax Neck & Shoulders

    EXPAIN Relax Neck & Shoulders is a small but effective massage device that give deep muscle massage for both neck and shoulders.
    • Massage and heat
    • Flexible joint
    • Rechargeable battery
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  • EXPAIN Relax Legs

    A piece of furniture that massages, heats and increases circulation with TENS technology. The Nordic innovative design makes it stand out by fitting in!
    • Increas circulation with TENS
    • Massages foot and calf
    • Adjustable heating
    • Controllable by smartphone
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Showing all 4 results